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Bud Sorter Machine

The Wachsen bud sorter machine is a streamlined sorting system designed to empower cultivators and distributors of all sizes with full control over their post-harvest bud classifications. This system features a proprietary flow-through mechanism explicitly crafted for the industry with amendments and materials to facilitate a zero-waste philosophy.


  • Ability to sort wet and dry buds
  • Polished stainless steel
  • Bins are made from high durometer food-grade polymer so that equipment is reusable and will not contaminate harvest
  • 5 removable bins and lids included as part of the set
  • Sealable bins will protect product in storage and during transport
  • Easy to wash and sanitize
  • Dimensions & weight
  • Warranty

Code 212003

Easy-to-use Design

This system is 100% human-powered, which means there are no harsh vibrations. Electricity powered sorters produce vibrations that can damage and dislodge fragile trichome crystals. Trained personnel are not required for operation, and a single individual can easily sort through a pound of flower in under one minute. Although manually powered, the action is designed to limit the length of time buds are handled to avoid agitation and preserve their integrity.

The sorting surface is customizable, so any size can be prioritized. De-stemmed wet or dry buds will first flow over a screen, which allows the smallest trimmings to be screened out. The product is then moved along each grate of the platform and into the bins below.

Benefits of Quality Sorting

The Wachsen bud sorting system is a valuable asset that will offer producers the ability to create optimal size combinations and a consistent product ready for retail. Consumers buying plant buds will come to expect the same ratio of bud sizes in their purchase, which will increase their confidence in the brand and likelihood to become loyal buyers.

Precisely differentiating flowers can directly enable the development of a broad range of plant based products. For example, very small buds and trimmings with less desirable shapes can be put aside for use in pre-rolls, topicals, oil extracts, tinctures or other concentrates. Not even the smallest of leaves will go to waste.

Prioritizing quality bud sorting with the Wachsen bud sorting machine will simplify batching, weighing and packaging in your operation!

Bud Sorter Container

Plastic Bin

Rotary Feed Tray

Rotary Feed Tray

Large sealed bearing caster wheels

Large sealed bearing caster wheels

Limited Life Time warranty
food grade 304 stainless steel

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All Wachsen Professional products have been developed for the medical cultivation industry by experienced professional growers. Polished stainless steel and high durometer food grade polymers ensure our production equipment will not contaminate your harvest, while our proprietary flow through design makes cleaning and sanitizing your system a simple task. Wachsen Professional offers custom and off-the-shelf solutions for all your cultivation racking, shelving, and cart needs.

Build for productivity.

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